Q & A

What is it?

The Catcher Snatcher is a device that picks up the mooring automatically without the need of a gaff or anyone at the bow

I can't see clearly in the video how does it work?

A floating pole carries the mooring pick up line (The Snatcher) which is caught on to The Catcher. 

Where is it attached:?

The Catcher attaches to the base of your bow rails. No need to drill any holes on the boat, make modifications or alterations. It takes less than half a minute to attach.

What about storage?

The Catcher Snatcher folds neatly for easy storing when not in use

How secure is it?

The Catcher Snatcher will catch your mooring in windy conditions but it is not designed to hold your boat for long. It gives you time to walk to the bow and secure the mooring to the cleat.


It is maintenance free

Will it fit on my boat?

The Catcher Snatcher is adjustable and will fit to any rail on any boat

Where can I buy it from?

This is a simple DIY project you can do for under $70 in parts in one afternoon. All the parts are available at your local hardware and boat shop. Most probably you already have some of them you can use. We will provide you with step by step video instructions, dimensions and parts list