Willy: (Mariner 34)

I was devastated when my mate relocated and I didn't have anyone to go out fishing with. I am 80 years old and picking up the mooring by myself was a difficult and dangerous task. I had the boat up for sale when I came across the Catcher Snatcher. I tried it and it worked! I am out now more often than before.

Bob (Stable drinking platform, unknown year of construction)

I am moored in the middle of a channel and it gets quite windy and choppy. Missing the mooring was a routine which I got used to but getting caught a few times on my rudder because I didn't get back in time to reverse, ruined my otherwise good time. The Catcher Snatcher came to the rescue. No more missing attempts. I improvised with some reflecting tape on both the Snatcher and the Catcher and now I don't have to rush back when night falls.

David (Catalina 28)

I already had a floating pole when I decided to use the Catcher Snatcher, so with some minor modifications I only had to build the Catcher and the Snatcher pick up line. I must admit I don't use it all the time, but the few times I set it up because of an approaching front it has justified many times the few dollars I spent.

Ray (Bavaria 44)

I was very sceptical when I first came across the Catcher Snatcher. As a seasoned sailor I felt that by using it I was “cheating”, opting for the easy way instead of tackling the last challenge of the sailing outing. Well, I must admit I rather prefer to cheat and be safe than swimming like mad to climb on board because I tripped (twice the last year).